Corporate Principles

Principles are the core part of our business philosophy which supports a company’s successful development and should express the following:

  • they are directed towards us all
  • they describe perfection
  • they demonstrate our principle goals, values and attitudes

Our employees are our most precious commodity

Our employees have opportunities for development and future prospects in a strong community. Their remuneration is performance-oriented and in line with the market. We promote and support personal commitment, reliability and self-management. We include our employees in the corporate responsibility. Information is provided comprehensively, in time and specific to department.

Occupational safety is important to us

The primary and important criteria for the success of our company are the health and safety of our employees. We principally avoid hazardous situations and strive for a zero industrial accidents rate. We take every appropriate measure in accordance with the latest state of technology and knowledge to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses. All employees share this responsibility. Quick reintegration after accidents and illnesses are a natural course of action for us.

We are committed to quality

The excellent quality of our products is fundamentally important to us and forms the basis and the requirement for the sustained success of our company. And that yields our guiding principle: “High quality as fast as possible.”

To that end, we strive for a zero-errorculture. This includes dealing openly with errors, having a positive learning culture and improving continuously. Responsible, competent and motivated employees are the decisive force in the process.

The customers determine our actions

On the market we are regarded as a competent manufacturer for ventilation fittings. Our services are geared to the concepts of our customers, so we find it important to support them on a partner basis. Competence, experience and innovation let us respond flexibly to customer requirements - our customers’ satisfaction is important to us because satisfied customers secure our jobs.

We are all responsible for our working atmosphere

By dealing with each other on a fair and collegial basis, we maintain a working atmosphere which enables the development and happiness of every employee. The common effort is characterised by empathy openness and mutual appreciation. Regarding strategic goals, we are prepared to assume responsibility and show initiative.

Executives regularly provide feedback to their employees and try to promote mutual trust. Respect and trust are essential components of our working atmosphere.


Communication is an important part of our corporate culture. We communicate openly, continuously, confidentially and honestly with each other.

For us, communication is not about distributing information; for us, internal communication is a form of our corporate culture that is characterised by the open and constructive exchange of information and opinion.

We are convinced that this mutual open dialog is a prerequisite for effective and customer-oriented work and ensures the satisfaction of our employees.

Qualification is important to us

To ensure the future of skilled work, we invest in the training and education of junior employees. We employ instructors for the practical as well as the theoretical part of the training and education. This is a necessary measure that guarantees quality training and education which will contribute to the long-term success of our company. Our employees assume responsibility and a role model function for the trainees and are therefore decisively involved in the good training.

Our innovation shapes our future

We want our product range to satisfy the future requirements of the market as well. With careful consideration of the customers’ problems, we prepare innovative solutions in cooperation with know-how which will offer sustainable advantages to the users of our products.

We maintain good relationships with our suppliers

We expect our suppliers to deliver in a timely, economic and market-compliant manner. We maintain an open relationship with them as partners and help them to improve continuously their performance, product quality and their environmental awareness.

We protect our environment

We strive for the sustainable handling of our resources. Environmental pollution emitted by our company is avoided or reduced through measures such as shredding our rejects. In terms of environmental protection, our product facilities comply with the latest state of technology.

Major investments in the newest generation of photovoltaic systems symbolise our willingness to save the available resources.
Our employees conduct themselves in an environmentally aware manner and thus contribute actively to environmental protection.
Think green think HoKa

We face the worldwide challenge

As the company HoKa, it is our goal to be successful with sustainable and profitable growth on the worldwide market. We possess outstanding competence in the development, manufacture and sales of all components for the ventilation sector.

As a niche player, we concentrate on sustainable key products and are therefore armoured against the effects of individual market fluctuations. This enables us to achieve positive results even during weak economic years.


Sustainability at HoKa

With us, there is no such thing as plastic waste


As a plastics processing company, we are well aware of the responsibility we have towards the environment and the following generations. Therefore, we recycle all of our runners, rejects and sprues.

Plastics sorted by type are collected separately and reused by our partner companies.

At the recycling plant of our specialist partners in plastics recycling, the loose plastics such as plastic films, edge trim waste of all kinds, production faults, sheaths and plates are shredded in plastic mills, properly separated from other materials as necessary and then directly processed in a regranulating plant.

Here, the plastic is melted, sent through filtering and degassing zones, compressed, and then processed into new plastic granules. This is how we save our environment and save resourcesso that we can continue to manufacture high-quality and sustainable synthetic products with a well- functioning waste management.

Maintaining the earth for future generations


In keeping with the principle of sustainability and for the long life of our planet, we use renewable energiesto produce our power.

Our photovoltaic installation not only saves fossil fuels, consequently reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but it even produces more energy - within the meaning of sustainability - beyond its service life than is required for its manufacture. We thus take an important step towards a green future.

Even though our plant generates more power than we need for the HoKa company, we are considering building additional photovoltaic installations:
Our "green energy" now is already being fed into the local power grid and we hope for even more green electricity for a healthy and ecological future.

Think green - think HoKa!

Current performance data of our photovoltaic installations

NRW 10.72 t CO29.11 t CO2
NRW 20.56 t CO27 t CO2
NRW 30.24 t CO20.61 t CO24.88 t CO2
NRW 40.06 t CO2