HoKa Plastic duct reinforcement

Manufactured for the first time in Germany

Ventilation and air conditioning systems consist of round as well as of square ducts and fittings. To stabilize the ducts against negative overpressure requires reinforcement according to the size and pressure of the duct - the associated bending parameters are regulated by DIN EN 1507.

Our duct reinforcement reinforces the inside and consists of two parts - a sheath and a driving-in bolt. In preparation, a 20 mm bore hole is made on both sides of the duct. An Ø 32 mm x 3,0 mm tube - consisting of the material used in the duct - is mounted in the sheath. The drive-in bolt is then driven by rubber mallet through the bore hole from the outside.

The advantage of this simple drive-in system for you is that it is faster and production costs may be reduced.

The duct reinforcement is available in the following materials:
PVC, PVC white, PPs, PP-H, PP-EL-s, PE-HD and in PVDF upon request.

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HoKa Kanalverstärker
without HoKa duct reinforcement
HoKa Kanalverstärker
with HoKa duct reinforcement