Sustainability at HoKa

With us, there is no such thing as plastic waste


As a plastics processing company, we are well aware of the responsibility we have towards the environment and the following generations. Therefore, we recycle all of our runners, rejects and sprues.

Plastics sorted by type are collected separately and reused by our partner companies.

At the recycling plant of our specialist partners in plastics recycling, the loose plastics such as plastic films, edge trim waste of all kinds, production faults, sheaths and plates are shredded in plastic mills, properly separated from other materials as necessary and then directly processed in a regranulating plant.

Here, the plastic is melted, sent through filtering and degassing zones, compressed, and then processed into new plastic granules. This is how we save our environment and save resourcesso that we can continue to manufacture high-quality and sustainable synthetic products with a well- functioning waste management.

Maintaining the earth for future generations


In keeping with the principle of sustainability and for the long life of our planet, we use renewable energiesto produce our power.

Our photovoltaic installation not only saves fossil fuels, consequently reducing carbon dioxide emissions, but it even produces more energy - within the meaning of sustainability - beyond its service life than is required for its manufacture. We thus take an important step towards a green future.

Even though our plant generates more power than we need for the HoKa company, we are considering building additional photovoltaic installations:
Our "green energy" now is already being fed into the local power grid and we hope for even more green electricity for a healthy and ecological future.

Think green - think HoKa!

Current performance data of our photovoltaic installations

NRW 13.26 t CO2127.77 t CO2
NRW 22.51 t CO299.19 t CO2
NRW 30.03 t CO21.67 t CO290.01 t CO2
NRW 41.27 t CO253.01 t CO2
NRW 51.84 t CO2